60-day money back guarantee

60-day money back guarantee

We offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on the Multilingualizer and the Multicurrencyalizer.

We have one condition on this guarantee – give us 7 days to fix any issue you’re facing.

You can report any issues by emailing [email protected] or by using the chat bubble on our site. This is one of the key ways our products and documentation improves.

As stated, we ask you give us a maximum of 7 days to fix any issue, although normally we can help you the same day.

If we are unable to fix your problem inside 7 days we will issue a full 100% refund.

The 60-days time window refers to the time when you first report any problem.

If we are unable to fix it and the 60-days have passed, provided the problem was reported within the 60-day window you will still receive the full refund.

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