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Jorge asked 3 years ago

Hi! Is there any way to have different links and downloadable files depending on the language?
Thanks for the help, this is really great!

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answered 3 years ago

 Hey Jorge.
This is not a function which the Multilingualizer offers at this stage as far as I am aware. I suspect it will be implemented sooner or later, however – as Dave is constantly working on updates and improvements. I will make sure to poke him personally and ask in case I’m wrong.

Elizabeth replied 3 weeks ago

Any updates on this? For Squarespace, when I have a PDF available in 2 languages I have to use a text box with ….link1..link2…. I would prefer to have a translated button that could link to 2 different links.

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi – this was implemented back at the same time as the language-specific pages as the same technique is used.

It works for buttons and hyperlinks and potentially other blocks you want to hide, depending on your web platform.

All you need to do is add the 2-digit code for the language to the text of the button or hyperlink.

e.g. CONTACT US {en}

See this guide: https://www.multilingualizer.com/support/language-specific-buttons-and-hyperlinks/

Please ensure you use the latest version of the Multilingualizer, as since this was originally released it has been updated and improved upon to work more reliably on more platforms.

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