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Make Wix Multilingual
Multilingualizer et wix

We no longer recommend our Multilingualizer solution for Wix users because there are too many Wix components that are actually embedding content from other websites (e.g. Shopify)

Instead, if you are a Wix user, we recommend Weglot for your multilingual solution. They can translate everything and are great for your SEO.

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The Multilingualizer works on all Wix templates and supports all languages with no traffic limits and no monthly fee

How the Multilingualizer works with your Wix website.

Translations are entered directly into Wix. The Multilingualizer will hide the text your users don’t need to see.

Learn why this matters for SEO

How the Multilingualizer works

Page names, product names, article names, menu names, single lines of text

  1. Separate language text with 2 full stops
  2. The Multilingualizer hides the text users don’t need to see

Large Blocks of text

  1. Start and finish text blocks with 4 full stops
  2. Separate language text with 2 full stops
  3. The Multilingualizer hides the text users don’t need to see.


  1. Add the caption [english] to your English-only images, and similarly for other languages
  2. The Multilingualizer hides the images your users don’t need to see

Everywhere you can edit text using the Wix visual editor is Multilingualizer enabled.

We even provide you with the ability to enter translations for any hard-coded text that exists in your Wix template.

“Excellent solution and service. Been using this for approx. two years and it works as promised. Quick and responsive support when needed. Dave and community is exceptionally helpful and constructive. Great value for money.” Johnny Dahlberg

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