Machine Translation Form

The Multilingualizer does NOT do machine translation – instead, it provides the ability for site-owners to add their own translations to their site.

Machine translation is not perfect, but it can be useful for backfilling the translations on your site until you can translate them properly, so below we provide a form where you can enter your text and have it translated into whichever languages you wish. The text will come back in Multilingualizer format, so this can also be useful if you wish to understand the 4-2-4 dot notation required by the Multilingualizer.

If you would like to have translations completed professionally for your site we recommend translated.net.

How to use

Enter the text you need to translate and we’ll provide machine translations complete with the 4-2-4 dot notation required by the Multilingualizer.

Configure the menu fields below and insert the text you would like to be translated then click fetch translations to grab your new text. The new text will include the 4-2-4 dot notation so you can copy/paste back into your site replacing your original text. Then the Multilingualizer will show the relevant text to the relevant users based on their chosen language.

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