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Known Issues

Here you can read everything about currently known issues and bugs, as well as upcoming features for the Multilingualizer.

Please note that these bugs are being worked on constantly in order to improve your experience with Multilingualizer.


  • Bullet points issue – There is currently a known issue with the bullet lists. For example, if an user attempts:

* Bullet 1 in english
* Bullet 2 in english
* Bullet 1 en francais
* Bullet 2 en francais

They may get several bugs and glitches. A current workaround would be to use:

* ….Bullet 1 in english..Bullet 1 en francais….
* ….Bullet 2 in english..Bullet 2 en francais….


  • A very frequent issue for Squarespace users which breaks Multilingualizer and possibly other parts of the websites is corrupted HTML. The main issue which can create this is the copy/paste of phantom text from an editor such as Microsoft Word. Before you contact customer support, please have a very careful look around your code in order to determine if that is the issue. Removing this corrupted HTML should resolve your problems right away, if this is the case with you.


  • Undefined Language – This particular bug displays the language of your menus and other parts of the website as “Undefined” if you have visited the website with your browser’s language set to something which the website doesn’t offer. This should now be fixed.
  • Technical issues – (lag/stutter/slow loading) – This issue has been known for a while and I am happy to state that it should be fixed now. If you do not see the change, please clear your browser cache and everything should work accordingly.
  • Unable to add more than one website with unlimited license – This bug prevents customers which have paid for more than one website to add and configure more than one. This has now been fixed!


  • Translation for placeholders will be added in the near future.
  • Translations integration – diffbot scraper, machine translation, gengo translation.
  • Shopify app will launch soon.
  • Language shortcode hiding feature for videos will be implemented soon.

(Make sure to check this page frequently for the latest upcoming features)


This list will be updated constantly as more and more issues are reported to us. We will make sure to update it accordingly with workarounds and temporary fixes in case there is no permanent fix yet.

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