Multilingualizer Badge Added (and how to remove it if you wish)

The primary problem we face is that we’re the best multilingual solution for small businesses that no-one has heard of.

Because of this, we are trying to improve our branding. One thing you might have noticed yesterday is a little Multilingualizer badge appearing in the bottom left corner of your site. The intention of this badge is to inform your visitors of the effort you have put in to translate your site into their language. At the same time, it hopefully helps build a bit of awareness about our system.

Here is what the little badge looks like:

It mistakenly was released early AND mistakenly linked originally to our shop page which was definitely not intended. Here’s the URL it links to now:

If you wish to remove this little badge (we really hope you don’t!), here’s how to do that:

In your Custom CSS editor, add the following little piece of CSS:

#mlbranding {display:none!important;}

I hope you’re all loving the Multilingualizer – we have a big upgrade coming out next week to vastly improve the language-specific menus and language-specific pages feature. This means, for your cornerstone content, you can create pages per language which is ultimately the best solution for SEO and for guaranteed nice snippets in Google search results and Facebook link sharing.

We also have new varieties of language-selectors coming for you to choose from and some other cool features we’re hoping you’ll love!

How can you help?

If you also think we are the best multilingual solution nobody has ever heard of, here is how you can help:

Lots of love from the massive Multilingualizer team (Dave and Freddy)