“I found couple of other solutions, but your pricing model is outstanding, there was nothing else like this on market. And I like on Multilingualizer that all texts are hosted on my webpage.”

Multilingualizer is very good starting point when you have to translate your web pages quickly and without switching your web provider.”




Karol Suchanek is a leading professional in cybersecurity.

He has opted for 3 languages on his pagevamp site – English, Czech and Slovak.

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Why did you seek out a multilingual solution?

I use pagevamp.com, to build my website and they don’t have options to translate the webpages, so I had to seek out for solution. And the reason being that I am a Slovak living in Czech Republic and one of my partners who promotes my services requested me to have my pages translated to Czech language since they were in Slovak.

I did not want to give up my Slovak version of web pages so I had to seek a solution and found you. 

FireShot Capture 45 - KAROL SUCHÁNEK - Cybersecurity Advisor - https___www.karolsuchanek.com_
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