Tattoo Nouvelle Ère is an annual festival celebrating the art of tattooing. This year it will be held in Montreal on May 25-27 at Salon 1860.

Why did you seek out a multilingual solution?

The event we organised is in Montréal, Québec, Canada. This town is officially a french one but in reality, a bilingual one, we absolutely need a multilingual website the reach all our customers. Also, we have artists coming from all around the world exposing at this event, a lot of them speak English.

It's the easiest solution, the better looking one that I have used so far. Not to mention the best value for your money


“The other options were way too expensive (over 10 times more than Multilingualizer) and not as easy.”

FireShot Capture 54 - Unique Art and Tattoo Show in Montreal - https___tattoonouvelleere.com_
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