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Multilingualizer Enabled

The website you have come from is using the Multilingualizer to provide their website in your language.

This means they have gone to the effort of translating their content into your language, rather than relying on poorly translated and inaccurate machine-translation.

The Multilingualizer is a serverless system which allows web owners to add translations to their own pages and then have the Multilingualizer automatically show the relevant text and images to visitors. Because we insist that translations exist on their servers rather than ours, it means their content can be found in Google with any language they have added. It also means we have no reason to charge them a monthly fee. Our competition charge upwards of 6 times the price per year compared to what we charge as a one-off fee.

If you see any issues with translations, please contact the site you came from in the first instance as they are the ones with the ability to rectify any translation errors.

If you are interested in learning more about the Multilingualizer, how it works, and our one-off non-profiteering fee structure, you can learn more through these links:

If you are the site-owner, and you’re looking to remove the button that led you to this page, you can learn how to remove the Multilingualizer button here.

GDPR Compliance

The Multilingualizer stores a single cookie on users browsers called ‘language’. This cookie is in compliance with GDPR rules for remembering ‘language or font preferences’. It is used to remember which language the user has chosen so we can show the correct language text as users move from page to page. The cookie is stored on users browsers for 30 days.


In addition, we do not track or store IP addresses of any requests for the Multilingualizer JavaScript files. As a site-owner, you do not have to ask permission from your customers to store the language cookie, but you can inform them of this cookie in your privacy policy if you wish.

We use cookies

We use cookies for various things on our site, including our on-site chat bubble (if you use it), our comment forms (if you use them) and for session handling (if you log in).

Other than that, we use cookies to identify where traffic came from to help us understand which traffic turns into sales, we use a cookie for Google Analytics traffic analysis and we use a cookie to customise adverts for our own products we think you'll be interested in.

You can read more detail in our privacy policy page. Please click 'Accept' or 'Decline' to continue.