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Leah asked 3 years ago

Is the Multilingualizer built with geo-location re-direction in it? All my visitors will arrive on my site via a QR code. Will they all land on my default language then select a language (in my case flags) or will a french visitor immediately see the french version or instance?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

We used to use geo-location, but now we use the users browser settings from whatever device they’re using. This way is faster and more accurate, since someone may prefer French but be geo-located in the UK currently.
If there is some reason we cannot access the browser language settings (e.g. if user has specifically switched this off in their browser) then we use the FIRST language you specify.
If a user changes the language by clicking a flag or language selector you have set up, this overrides the browser language preferences.
If you add ?lang=fr to any page, it will override everything else and give the page in French (if you have set up French on your site).

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