Multilingualiser does not show language tags on homepage

Questions & AnswersMultilingualiser does not show language tags on homepage
Lukas asked 3 years ago

Hi I just purchased the multilingualizer and it is not working. 

  1. the language tag does not appear on the home page
  2. loading times increased to unacceptable level (from 3 to 15-20 seconds)
  3. sadly I found out that also other users have the same problem, and there is noone to reply.

At the moment I really do not know if it is a fraud or a very bad customer service.

Ken replied 3 years ago

Hi Lukas, I face the same problem as well. But I am not having problem number 1. My screen went blank after I key in the URL, I need to press refresh to get the page up. I wrote to Dave, maybe you can write to him as well.

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