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muriel asked 6 years ago
muriel replied 6 years ago

Is their a way to use the squarspace forms in 2 languages? insert 2 forms in 2 different languages or translate the form within te form?
I tried to translate within the form: naam..name but then the form title disappeared.

Dave Hilditch replied 6 years ago

Hi – the Squarespace forms can be a little confusing. If you use the longform – ….naam..name…. then it should work.

Additionally, I have a Squarespace Extensions script which also lets you translate the hard-coded text – e.g. error messages that appear on forms if you don’t enter details correctly (e.g. if you enter an invalid email address)

I’ll send you a copy of these for you to use to handle the hard-coded texts but if you can try the longform translation above then your forms should work.

The technical reason the shorthand doesn’t work is because of the little * you might see in the form – it’s a required field – this means the text is not in its own HTML element and as such I need the start and end identifiers to figure out what to hide and what not.

muriel replied 6 years ago

if I insert the ….naam..name….
this happens in dutch: title above the form is visible. first field says: ….naam
this happens in english: The title above the form disappears: INFORMATIE AANVRAGEN..INFO REQUEST, first field says: name…. *

When I change the field to not required. The same happens except the asterix disappears.

muriel replied 6 years ago

I tried also to use the placeholder text instead of the text. But that doesn’t work either. It shows as ….naam..name…. in both languages.

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi – the forms bug was fixed in version 3.5. I’m working through the oldest bugs fixed but a bunch were fixed in the latest release of 3.6 including performance. More info will be released shortly in today’s blog post.

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