Translation not working on Home-Site due to other code?

Questions & AnswersTranslation not working on Home-Site due to other code?
Robert asked 3 years ago

The translation works fine on all sites except the home-site. 
I assume that this is due to another code I injected concerning a facebook-plug-in.
Is there anything to consider when using another code than the multilingualizer? (The other code is pastet above the multilingualizer code at the header section).
Thank you in advance!

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johnite Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Robert,
Sorry for the delay in replying – we have been making some changes to our support functions that have caused a few transitional issues – all is well now we are happy to report.
Regarding your trouble with the facebook plugin, can you email [email protected] and we will have a look at your site and see if we can get a workaround for you.

There isn’t much that you can look out for when selecting plugins to run on your site with Multlingualizer – the best thing to do is try them and see how they go – if they have an issue like this one – contact us – we are now super fast at responding (we promise!) and we will always be happy to check it out for you.
It may be that the fix we give you can be added to the next plugin upgrade – this is great as it means no other customers encounter the issues you had.
Speak to you soon
Best regards

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