Version 3.6 Released

We’re now up to version 3.6. I’m working through the oldest bugs first. The latest bugs fixed include:

  1. White screen appeared twice first page view (fixed, now loads immediately).
  2. Performance improved
  3. jQuery detection improved and bug on WordPress where the jQuery wasn’t working properly
  4. You can now choose the language separator – e.g. instead of …. for the bounding blocks you can use ++++ or ~~~~ or whatever 4 characters you like.
  5. I’ve added the squarespace extensions text to the support page
  6. We’re working on a complete troubleshooting guide
  7. We’re also making instructional text, image and video guides, so we will have guides for every platform for installation, translating menus & sidebar & footer, translating headings & labels & forms (often part of your theme or template), translating content, translating images & galleries & videos, how to work with third party javascript snippets –  & widgets e.g. maps, twitter feeds, facebook, disqus and other widgets
  8. We’re also working on integration translation services directly into the site so we’ll scan your site and find the content in these areas and then feed this content through to experienced translators who will translate your content for you for each area. Using our automated system, you will then be able to load this modified content into your site so that you continue to benefit from the SEO of having the text on your own site (as compared to Bablic and Localize where they keep hold of your translations, meaning Google can’t index it, meaning your users cannot find you in Google in their language)
  9. We’re also improving the front end interface to add a front-end editor to let you translate your text from the front of your site if you are the admin user so you don’t need to learn the language separators at all.