Spacing issues which occured in some themes fixed

Hi – version 3.91 has been released. The primary fix it includes is for some spacing issues which were occuring in some themes.

This bug was causing some extra spacing to appear in your 2nd and 3rd (etc) languages where the 1st language had been hidden.

It was also affecting the 2nd+ language for images which were being hidden but the space where they used to be remained. This was affecting some Squarespace templates only.

For the past 3 days, the only bug reports I’ve received have been caused by missing language block markers (the 4 dots at the beginning and end of a text section).

The easiest way I’ve found (so far) to identify if your bug is caused by a missing language block is to view the page, hit CTRL+U (to view source) then CTRL+F (to search) then enter 4 dots in the box that appears and hit enter. The first result will be for the actual Multilingualizer code but after that you will see your blocks highlighted and it should be easy to find out if you are missing any start or end markers.

NB. A very quick way to check this: When you hit CTRL+F and enter 4 dots to search, it will tell you how many it has found on the page. Given that there will be one of these for the Multilingualizer code, it follows that the count should be ODD – e.g. 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 or however many blocks of text you have.

If you have any questions about the latest release, ask below. This update rolls out automatically to anyone with v3.7+ (when auto-updates were introduced). If you are still pre-3.7, visit your My Account page (menu above) to regenerate the code.