Support Alteration

Hi – It’s just come to my attention that Jira has been failing to forward me emails.

I’ve now killed the Jira service and over the next few days will implement a proper replacement, one I’ve found works really very well on my other sites.

It’s a single ticketing system, meaning email + support tickets both go in there – I’ll gradually remove the Q&A system too.

This ticketing system makes it far easier for me to respond as the vast majority of questions I receive have already been answered in the past – this ticketing system allows me to generate a FAQ as I respond and respond with that FAQ. Then in future, when the same question is asked, hopefully the user will see the FAQ (it detects similar answers already asked when users are writing their questions) and avoid asking the same question again.

If they do, and it’s covered by a FAQ, it’s a button click for me to respond with that FAQ.

In the meantime, if any of you require urgent support that has not been solved by the troubleshooting sections or the old Q&A, I have modified the [email protected] email address to come directly to me instead of to Jira.

I apologise for the sloppy support the past few weeks. I am making moves to fix, as described above.