Support Update

Hi everyone – I’ve now solved all the issues people have emailed to me through [email protected]

Next I will be working through the unanswered Q&A from the site. I intend for this Q&A section to ideally be a place where people can help each other, but I understand that this is not perfect and I will be working through the Q&A every week to answer any questions not covered by our troubleshooting guide.

One quick note on the dozens of support emails I’ve solved over the past few weeks – only one of these emails actually required any alterations to any code – the rest all had solutions already resting in the troubleshooting and support pages, so if you have an outstanding Q&A that is solved by my support pages, I would really appreciate it if you could answer your own Q&A and close your question.

(FYI the one alteration was to the ‘hard coded squarespace’ texts code)

Facebook Page Launched

To make it easier for you all to get in touch, now in addition to [email protected] I’ve created a Facebook page where you can contact me for help and assistance.

What to do if you still have an unanswered support Q&A

If there is a question you have asked which I still have not answered, firstly – my apologies – secondly, please contact me through [email protected] or by sending a message through our new Facebook page –

If you have an outstanding Q&A that still requires an answer, please include a link to that Q&A so I can answer it there as well as in reply to you directly.

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