Feedback required on upcoming features

Hi everyone – we’re hard at work on the next iteration of the Multilingualizer to make your multilingual website really stand out to your multilingual markets.

Before all of that, I’m aware that our last communication failed to reach many of you. This article explains everything you need to know about why a small Multilingualizer logo was displayed in the bottom left of the browser and how to remove it. We rely on your amazing support and if you haven’t done so already please leave us a kind review/like our Facebook page/shout about us.

We have our own opinions about what we should be working on next, but that’s not really good enough is it? We need to ask you guys – the developers, agencies and site-owners who are using the Multilingualizer to bring your services and products to your customers in their own language.

So – we’re asking you for some feedback – it’s not complicated, not even time-consuming. It’s a matter of clicking the link below and answering 4 easy questions. We’ve even given you a space to write your own thoughts and give us praise or abuse, your choice.

Here’s a quick summary of the new functionality we’re going to develop – we just don’t know in which order yet:

  • Language-specific pages
  • Machine translation
  • Integrated human translation
  • Multilingual comments form
  • Multilingual AI bots
  • User analytics

Here’s a link to provide feedback on your priorities:

Language-specific pages

We already provide a solution for this, but it’s not really good enough which is why we’re implementing an interface to make it easy for you to tell the Multilingualizer which pages are specifically English and which pages are their language counterparts.

Machine Translation

We can’t expect you to translate your content into every language, so where you can’t, we’re thinking to offer machine translation.

Integrated human translation

There are many third-party human translators out there. Because we offer on-page translation, this can make it tricky to farm out – you don’t want to give credentials to your precious site out to translators.

Multilingual Comments Form

Most of our customers operate in multilingual markets. Those markets would benefit from multilingual comments forms so that people can chat in their own language and others can see those comments in their own language.

Multilingual AI Bots

We have a new chat system right here on It’s tied into DialogFlow – an impressive AI chat bot system from Google. We are adding AI bots in mutliple languages directly to our own site, but there is also the possibility of creating a solution to make it easy for you to add mutlilingual chat bots to your own site.

User Analytics

We are designing ways to provide you with information on which pages are being viewed in which languages. But more than that, we would like to be able to tell you which languages are desired by your users and we would like to provide your visitors with some interesting stats too. There are some basics, like 80% of the time this page was viewed in English, but there’s more can be done and we’d love to hear what you think.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Here’s that survey link again: