Multiple Updates released & Wix support withdrawn

Over the past 2 weeks we have been working hard on upgrades to the Multilingualizer. Below, you will see the improvements made.

Wix support withdrawn

Unfortunately, due to far too many issues occurring with Wix, we are withdrawing support for Wix and updating the product pages etc to explain this. It *is* still possible to use the Multilingualizer on Wix, but only really with the ‘language-specific pages’ approach, rather than the ‘on-page translation’ approach. Wix does some very daft things like embedding iframes into your page making it impossible to interact with that content – e.g. for the storefront modules, or shopify embeds etc.



An attempt was made to add the ability for the Multilingualizer to handle cases where users accidentally insert an ellipses character followed by a single dot, instead of 4 dots. This failed on many sites we tested on however, so this upgrade is still pending.


We added the ability to use a second, shorter, marker block. Squarespace has limited the amount of characters for category names to 25 characters, so by changing the 4 dots to a single character before & after, you get 6 more characters available.

Other than that, you can create categories in each language and use our language-specific pages approach.


We added a fix for a bug that was causing some ‘third or fourth sliders’ and/or some mobile menus on some themes and templates to not translate.


Burger menus were not appearing properly on tablets. This has been fixed.