Can't display different images per language

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Renan asked 5 months ago

I tried following this tutorial to display different videos per language, but whenever I add another video to the section, in the English version, both videos still get displayed. In the Spanish version, however, the english video gets hidden but you can still see the tag [spanish] under the video which shouldn’t be displayed.
How do I fix this?

info7 replied 5 months ago

You have to add caption (with [english] or [french] ) to have this working. If you hide the caption that not works.
This is listed as know issue:
Language shortcode hiding feature for videos will be implemented soon.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 months ago

For different images per language, [english] or [french] or similar added to caption or alt text will do the trick. Note: If you have a gallery of images, any ONE of these images in that gallery will affect the entire gallery.

For videos – please provide a URL where I can see what you’re attempting and contact me through chat and I’ll write up a guide for this.