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Luci asked 5 months ago

Hello, I am looking for a plugin for my Squarespace site to change $ to AED and the Pro version of your plugin looks great. But can you please expand on how this plugin rounds the currency?

As in AED, 10 Dirhams is circa $3 so when you're selling high price items it looks odd to the customer to be selling them as AED1843 for example. Would look better as AED1850 or even 1900.

Is this possible?

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 months ago

There is an option to round prices:


It behaves as follows:

If the price is less than 20, round up to nearest whole unit. For example: 19.20 becomes 20

If the price is greater than 20, less than 500, round up to the nearest 5. For example: 36.23 becomes 40

If the price is greater than 500, round up to the nearest 10. For example, 701 becomes 710.

It has been designed this way (always rounding up) to avoid nasty surprises for your customers when they go to checkout – they will get an up to date price rounded by your payment provider and it’ll be slightly less than what was displayed on screen for them.

Price rounding is also great to avoid price movements throughout the day/week. Your users will get confused if your prices are constantly changing, so by rounding the price you avoid this.

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