Do you offer an extension that automatically rounds prices to make them customer-friendly?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsDo you offer an extension that automatically rounds prices to make them customer-friendly?
Mirko Maccarrone asked 3 weeks ago

Hi Dave,

I’ve downloaded the free version and works well but I’ve decided to upgrade to the pro version. Before I do that, I have a few questions if you don’t mind?

  1. In the free version, I can seem to see a price dropdown but only the dotted option. This doesn’t quite work because it overrules my promotional pricing in store making it hard to understand which is the standard price and which is the promotional price (happy to send you a screenshot)
  2. Do you offer an extension that automatically rounds prices to make them customer-friendly? For example, $1.94 becomes $1.99.

If you could help answer the two question above, I will go ahead and purchase the pro version.


2 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 weeks ago

You can add the following line to the config to force it to round the prices:

mcuserconfig.roundprices = true;

For example, in your code injection:

var multicurrencyalizerconstants = {MC: {widgetClass:"ml-currency-widget", widgetButton:"ml-currency-widget-button"}, SQS : {bodyCurrencyClass:'native-currency-code-', priceSelector:'.woocommerce-Price-amount,.sqs-money-native,.product-price', priceContainer:'.product-price, .sqs-money-native, .price'}};

mcuserconfig.roundprices = true;

Dave Hilditch Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Note: I have added this to the config screen on your my-account page – if you regenerate the code, it will include mcuserconfig.roundprices = false; and you can copy/paste that except change the word ‘false’ to ‘true’

Mirko Maccarrone replied 2 weeks ago

Hi David,

Thank you very much for your help with this. I’ve followed your instruction but unfortunately, it is still not rounding up the price across the different currencies. Happy to send you screenshots. I would like to bring the price to the closest decimal mark (actual example from the website AUD 250 – currency converted it to USD 165.78 (can it be round to 170 or 165?) GBP 127.88 (round it up to GBP 130) and EURO 152.64 round it up to 150 Euro).

I would really appreciate your help to fix this so that I can go ahead and purchase the premium version so to add it on my site before the launch next Wednesday.

Lastly, when clicking on the currency circle on the premium version would it be possible to display as a drop-down instead of opening on a full-screen page like in the case of the free version? A simple small box on the top with a drop-down like in your video would be preferable.

For full disclosure to my customers, what currency converter do you use?

Let me leave you my email address here: [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mirko Maccarrone replied 2 weeks ago

Hi David, I look forward to hearing from you as I would like to set it up before of the launch of my business tomorrow. Thank you

Mirko Maccarrone answered 5 days ago

Hi David,

Can you please get back to me on the above when you have a chance?

Thank you

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