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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsInstalling the language selector in shopify.
asked 8 years ago
The first 5 steps of the installation process are very understandable. For the life of me I can not figure out where the language selector script  [Add a new menu item for each language and instead of a normal URL link, enter: javascript:languageClicked(0); or javascript:languageClicked(1); and so on and this will let users change languages] Is inserted. I've watched all the squarespace Multilingualizer videos and instructions, but can not find anything that relates to how this important piece of code is added to the html in Shopify. Can any one help? Thanks, Stuart
Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi – I’m improved the instructions significantly by adding an image showing you the button to click for Shopify or Squarespace.

Basically, whichever platform you are using, you add a LINK or a HYPERLINK or a URL (they are all the same thing called by different names on different platforms) to your menu. Normally you would insert a web address URL – instead you insert:


Now when anyone clicks this link (you can call it whatever you like – English or EN) the Multilingualizer will switch to the English language.

Alternatively, you can use the floating language selector – just copy and paste the code provided in your My Account page – this puts a floating language selector top right – you can find customisation options for this floating language selector on the support page.

Ken replied 8 years ago

Sorry, I can’t figure out the step 6 as well. I added the code to before and my website went blank. Can you send me a screenshot on where to do step 6?

Ken replied 8 years ago

Managed to figure out. I saw 2 in the code.

Felix replied 8 years ago

I can’t figure it out as well. With v3.0 everything worked fine, except there was a but with the third language.

Now I updated to v3.5, copy-pasted the entire code, and although the bug is gone, the floating language selector doesn’t show. Shouldn’t it be showing by default? Which code do I need to add in order to make it appear again?

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi Felix – you can find the language selector code here:


1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 years ago

You can find the language selector code here: https://www.multilingualizer.com/support/
The floating language selector is optional – you can use your own menus instead – there’s a full guide on our support pages.

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