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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsIs there a way to change the dots syntax to some other less-used characters?
Jeff Miller asked 3 years ago


We use the multilingualizer on our Squarespace website quite heavily and are constantly running into syntax issues where we either forget to include all of the dots or they are misplaced or confused for actual periods or elipses. Is it possible to change [....] to something like [%%%%] or even [%%] where you would never put two or more special characters like this together in regularly-written copy? It would also make it easier to see and troubleshoot. Also, if the middle syntax of two dots [..] could be changed to match or use completely different characters, such as [@@].

I currently see what looks like a variable for the four dots in the header injection code, but I don't see a variable for the two dots.

Please advise if this is possible.



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