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Lance asked 3 years ago

Hi there!  I am having trouble using Russian Cyrillic text with Multilingualizer-Squarespace.  For some reason ,when I try to view русский (Russian) it wont show the Cyrillic text, instead. Instead it defaults to the second language which is Spanish.  For example I am testing the trilingual function on my “Home” button  (English: Home=Home, Español: Home=Página Principal, and русский: Home=дома).
Please comment how I can fix this issue?
Here is a link to my site so you can have a look: http://www.evergreensolutions.es.  The site is password protected since its not live.  The password is: xxxxx
Looking forward to your feedback.

Dave Hilditch replied 3 years ago

Hi – I’ve had a look at your source code and the images you sent through. Is it possible that you originally set up the Multilingualizer for English + Spanish and inserted the code and then later decided to add Russian but didn’t regenerate the code to add the configuration for the extra language?

That’s pretty much the only explanation I can think of. The languages need to be configured in the /my-account/ area of this site and the code inserted to your code injection area. If you’d originally added English + Spanish code but then had added perhaps the 3 languages in the language selector but not the code block then this would create what you describe.

Lance replied 3 years ago

Hi Vas,

Is there any way you can push to resolve the aforementioned issue ASAP? I very well understand the constraints of having a small team so I greatly appreciate your efforts. Many thanks!

Lance replied 3 years ago

Thanks Vas! Naturally the sooner we have the workaround the better. I also sent the request to [email protected] – this correspondence included screenshots since I neglected to include them in the post yesterday.

Vas replied 3 years ago

Hi Lance, thank you for your question. I’ll turn Dave’s attention to this as soon as possible and get back to you with an answer.

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