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chikako kuribara asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am Michael.I have developed a Zoho site recently and want to make it a multilingual site.I searched for a solution, I found that if I use multilingualizer, I can add a new language.So I bought that plugin and got these codes.---------------------------------------------------------------------------<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"//www.multilingualizer.com/mlcode/jquery-3.2.1.min.js\">var mllanguages = []; mllanguages[\"Japanese\"] = 0; mllanguages[\"Chinese (Cantonese)\"] = 1;<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"//www.multilingualizer.com/mlcode/multilingualizer4.36.js\">var mltextblockboundary = \'....\';var forcenonburger = true;// Perf option: when this next setting is 0, the Multilingualizer will watch the HTML on page to check for changes and translate them. With some themes, e.g. with parallax, this can slow down scrolling. In those cases, you can set this to 500 and instead of observing changes to the doc, the multilingualizer will run every 500 milliseconds.var recheckfrequency = 0;---------------------------------------------------------------I copied and pasted these codes to my site\'s header and footer code section on settings.But I don\'t know how to display the language switcher on the top page and add each translated page into the menu. Because I can\'t insertjavascript:languageClicked(0);code into the menu url on Zoho site.Could you help me to teach me how to display the language switcher and add each page into the menu?I am waiting for your reply.My zoho site url is https://www.hkkomiya.comBest Regards.

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