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Nuno asked 8 years ago
Hi, already tried all the options refered on the support page but this keeps showing. For example, I want the menu to have portuguese and spanish , did the first language then..then the second language, but on my front page is showing undefined. Thanks Pedro  
Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi Pedro – can you do two things: 1) Please grab a copy of the latest code from your /my-account/ page – generate the code and replace what you already have – there were a few significant upgrades recently including bug fixes 2) Send me a link to your site – if you provide a link I’ll be able to figure it out far more quickly. It definitely shouldn’t be happening! Not sure what it is – haven’t had a report of this kind before.

Nuno replied 8 years ago

Hi, already got it solved. Because my browser is set to english and only had 2 languages set – portuguese and spanish it was showing the undefined text. thanks for the quick reply.

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Ah right – I think I understand now – so this bug occurs when the users browser language is set to something you don’t have on site? That definitely shouldn’t be happening – it should be defaulting to your FIRST language. I’ll get a fix implemented ASAP.

3 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 years ago

This is happening because your browser language is set to something different than you offer on your site and you are using an older version of the code. If you could please send a link to a page with some portuguese and spanish text that would be very helpful – my browser is set to English – then I can test it and ensure it does what it’s supposed to do. If the language is missing – e.g. English in this case – it’s supposed to default to your first language – Portuguese in this case. Please make sure you update the code you’re using – the latest code that came out yesterday fixed this default language bug. It used to work like this seamlessly and then I re-engineered the entire code-base to be 100% compatible with all JavaScript events – that means any fancy effects your theme has still work – but with that re-engineering, some of the old functionality had been accidentally removed. Like I said, it was fixed yesterday so regenerate the code from /my-account/, apply it to your site, then test again – what *should* happen if your browser is set to English and you are visiting the site for the first time with Portuguese and Spanish is that Portuguese should be shown. To replicate this bug, you might need to clear your cookies – as soon as you click the language selector – e.g. to select Spanish or Portuguese a cookie is set to remember your preferences. This cookie overrides the browser preferences so unless you clear your cookies you won’t be able to replicate the bug your users might be seeing. You really don’t want your users to see ‘undefined’ so any help you can provide to help me resolve this for yourself and others is gratefully appreciated.

hanna answered 8 years ago

Hi Dave! I am having the same problem as described above. The site i am working on is on Squarespace and for now in swedish and finnish, when visiting the site for the first time, or after clearing the cookies, the menu shows UNDEFINED until you choose one of the languages. I just updated the the latest version of the code, thankyou for that 🙂 but still have the same problem. Could you please find the time to have a look at this? Thankyou, Hanna (www.ekvalita.fi)

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

I’m not seeing this bug? Can you provide a link where I can replicate the issue? Also – which browser are you using in case it’s browser related?

hanna replied 8 years ago

Hi! You are not seeing the bug because we made an English version of the site a few days ago. The English (and German) versions of the site is not still translated, except for the menu. As you commented above the bug occurs when the users browser language is set to something that is not on the site. English is a default language for most browsers/users.

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Thanks for letting me know. I have 3 items in my next release upgrade including this fix. Will try to get it out within the next 7 days.

Vas replied 8 years ago

Greetings hanna. Dave is currently working hard on rolling out a fix regarding the Undefined issue with the browsers, we expect it to be here by the end of the week. I will make sure to follow up with you once the fix has been implemented in case you need further assistance. Apologies of the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.

answered 8 years ago

The problem with the undefined language should now be fixed. Please do not hesitate to contact support again for any further inquiries or problems. 

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