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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsMultilingualizer – Squarespace and Stripe
Mathias asked 1 year ago


Before I purchase Multilingualizer I would like to understand if it would work for my use case.

I will set up a webpage in Squarespace where I will sell a consultency service. I intend to use Stripe for the payment process.

If I use Multilingualizer, will Stripe automatiacally select the local language of the user to complete the payment? E.g. a German is seing the page in German and decides to purchase the service. Will Stripe then proceed with the transaction in German, or will it default to english?

Best regards,


1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, in most cases, Stripe will use German for German users. This tends to happen using geo-location, i.e. they spot the user is IN Germany, so they presume German would be preferred.

If the user is a previous Stripe user, then it’ll use whatever language that user has selected.

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