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Questions & AnswersCategory: Questionsnew Multilingualizer is not working correctly
Duri asked 8 years ago
Hi there i was using the Multilingualizer in V2.4 with squarespace and the template Momentum. it was working quite fine. now i updated the script to the new V3.31 and it is not working correctlly.  the language switch is disappearing in some site pages. As well as the languages are not showed correctly. if i switch to one of the other languages the all the languages are showed. can you help here? www.campellmedia.com  
Ola Oleszak replied 8 years ago

Hi Duri, this is really strange. Could you please send me an invite to your website?

Duri replied 8 years ago

just send you the invite

Ola Oleszak replied 8 years ago

Hi Duri,

We are fixing bug – solution will be ready tomorrow. Please bare with us. Thank you so much for your patience. Ola

Duri replied 8 years ago

Hi Ola Any news? where you able to fix the Bug?

Duri replied 8 years ago

HI there i tryed to again with, copied the script out of the Multilingualizer website and pasted into my squarespace site. some things changed but still the block translation is not working correctly. you see it on the website. you have allready a invitation and the link of the website. Some Help is still needed!! regards Duri

1 Answers
Lukas answered 8 years ago

I have the same problem. On the homepage I do not see the language tags. On Top of it the loading increased extremely

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