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Questions & AnswersCategory: Questionsproblem checkout button squarespace website
Pauline asked 8 years ago
Hello,   We bought Multilingualizer one year ago for a squarespace website and we have a huge problem in the shop online.   Our website is www.nesmontreal.com The button checkout in the show-cart page doesn't works most of the time.
(http://www.nesmontreal.com/commerce/show-cart )
When our clients click on the button checkout to go to the payment page nothing happens. They can not access to the https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/checkout page. The website freeze. We think we have detected where is the problem.   The multilingual script removes the amount of the basket and the Check out button doesn't work any more. If the customer validates immediately before the "script" embeds, the button will work. If the customer waits too long or go back, the script loads and runs without stop.   The script calls the code somewhere else. We can't change the code.   Can you help us please? We are losing a lot of clients because of this. Thanks Pauline  
Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi Pauline – if you are using the code from a year ago, please log into http://www.multilingualizer.com/my-account/ and grab a copy of the latest code. We fixed all JavaScript related conflicts a while ago.

Pauline replied 8 years ago

Hello Dave, Hello Dave, Thank you for your answer. Where can i grab a copy of latest code? I can only copy a free trial code for 1 week on my account page. Can you send it me by email, please? Thank you, Pauline

Pauline replied 8 years ago

Hi Dave, We are really disappointed because we buy Multilingualizer script already two times. Our shop online still doesn’t work because of Multilingualizer and we are loosing a lot of clients. We copy the trial code on my account page and there is no more problem with the button “Checkout” But now the separation between languages [[ /// ]] doesn’t work. Could you please send us quickly by email this last version of the code who works with [[ /// ]]? Thanks Thanks,

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