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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsSite is super slow since a few days
Delphine asked 8 years ago
Hi, my squarespace site is very slow (almost non-responsive) since a few days... www.harmoniecollection.com I disabled the script to check and without it the speed is just fine. Which leads me to saying that the script is causing this. I didn't change anything on the site... Can you please check this as my site is unusable right now   thx
Delphine replied 8 years ago

I asked Squarespace support to take a look at the issue, but as disabling the multilingualizer script bring everything back to normal (except I have unusable pages in 3 languages…) there is not much they can do. They hinted me towards this, maybe it helps… :
“We also noticed that there’s a possible “performance bottleneck” occurring because there are a lot of “forced reflows” happening while loading the site”

Delphine replied 8 years ago

I really really hop this will get fixed soon ! I had to deactivate the script, except for a few pages, to get the site accessible. The result is that the 3 languages are exposed, which is of course not the expected result…
Dave, please fix this asap !
As said below, the “buy now” page of the multilingualizer site seems also impacted (it is the only page with the script active, other pages run just fine…)

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi – What do you mean the buy now page of multilingualizer is affected? It’s definitely working fine for me.

re: performance, there are a few things that are tweakable – answered below.

Delphine replied 8 years ago

As mentioned in my other answer I think it depends on the browser you are running : IE & Firefox show some lag, chrome doesn’t

5 Answers
Delphine answered 8 years ago

I noticed your own website is affected on the page where multilingualizer is active. We really have a problem here, I think

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 years ago

The way the multilingualizer is invoked is this:

  1. When the page loads, run the multilingualizer
  2. When content on the page changes, run the multilingualizer
  3. When the window is resized, run the multilingualizer
  4. (Optionally) there is a little script you can run to invoke the multilingualizer every 500ms or so

If you are having performance problems, I presume something is very different about your theme and causing it to run the multilingualizer very many times. Can you re-enable and then let me know so I can take a look?

Delphine replied 8 years ago

I added a dummy page with just a summary on it, you can find it in the footer links -> “summary”
as you can see it creates extreme lag

Delphine answered 8 years ago

Hi Dave,
I just did some testing :

  • I reactivated the script overall
  • On my homepage (squarespace Adirondack template) I had a summary with items from the shop. I removed this summary and it enhanced performance dramatically.
  • I tested performance on 4 browers :
    • IE still some lag on homepage and another page (power of the stones)
    • Chrome runs smoothly
    • Firefox some lag
    • Iphone 6s runs smoothly

If I reactivate the summary it lags everywhere again…
But as said, even without it there is lag (input and scroll lag). If you go to the contact form, and keep pressing a key, it lags every 1/2 second
Please let me know if you want me to do something for testing purposes

Hero Vasil replied 8 years ago

Greetings, apologies for the delay. Dave is currently completing a fix about the lag/stutter issue – we expect it to roll out in the following day or two. I will make sure to follow up with you once the fix has been implemented in order to provide further assistance if needed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

answered 8 years ago

Good day, Delphine. You should no longer be experiencing any problems with lag or delay on your website, a fix was implemented yesterday. In case you can’t see the made improvements, please clear your browser’s cache and then restart said browser. After that, you should have no more issues of any sort. Please do not hesitate to contact support again with any further issues or inquiries, I will be moving this question to resolved. Thank you.

Alexis replied 8 years ago

It doesn’t work on my home page. It is still very very lagging on Firefox and Safari (both OS ans iOS). Chrome seems to be the only one that works well…. But still it’s not as fluent as it should be, because when you remove the script everything is so smooth…

Vas replied 8 years ago

Understood, I will turn Dave’s attention to the situation and get back to you on this. Apologies for the inconvenience.

answered 8 years ago

This issue should now be completely resolved, please clear your cache once more and you should no longer be encountering any slowing down/lag. Please post another question if you are still experiencing issues of any kind. 🙂

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