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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsSlow page load with Multilingualizer on Squarespace. For a second both languages are visible with the dots. Is there a solution?
Adrienn asked 5 years ago
I'm building a website for a client with Squarespace. The site needs to be in too languages (English and Hungarian). I inserted the Multilingualizer code and everything was fine. I was super happy. However, as the site got a bit more complex (it just has 12 pages all together) I started to notice issues with the page load time causing a delay in loading the right language on the page. This means that for a second both languages are visible everywhere on the page. This is bad, I can't hand the site over to the client like this. I tried to clear the cache - this is what I found here as a suggested solution, but it didn't work. Everything remained the same. I also optimized all images for web used all over the site, but it doesn't help either. I'm not a developer.  Can anyone help me how to solve this issue, please?
HYEJIN replied 5 years ago

I also have same problem. This problem should be fixex asap!!!

HYEJIN replied 5 years ago

I also have same problem. This problem should be fixex asap!!!

4 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi – I deployed a speed-boost fix specifically for these types of Javascript-based themes today. Check and let me know it’s working much better now.

Adrienn replied 5 years ago

Hi Dave, Thank you very much for your answer. Just one quick question. Do I have to download and insert the code into my page again or is it enough to simply refresh? 🙂

tom2 answered 4 years ago

Hi, we’re experiencing this same delay in one annoying case. SquareSpace, Sonny template.
When page first loads, it’s fine. Click on menu for Russian language version, it’s fine.  Click on English language version, it’s fine.  BUT when we click on the navigation link to the page itself, the reload briefly displays the dots and both languages. I’d say it’s roughly ¼ second before the other language is hidden.
Any ideas welcome – I’m within the 60 day money back period 😉

tom2 replied 4 years ago

Looks like my support case disappeared – posted in BitBucket.

Etienne Batise answered 10 months ago


I am experiencing the exact same issue on a Zoho website as Adrienn. Whenever the page loads, both languages are displayed and after a split second, only the selected language remains.

The website is super small. I only translated 2 texts.

I rewatched the demo video comparing Multilingualizer to other websites and I notice a longer reload time on pages. I’m ready to have a longer reload time to hide this issue. Was it on purpose and is it doable on Zoho sites ?



Bruno De Poorter answered 9 months ago

I still experience this problem as well, what can we do to no longer have this issue?

The dots and different languages are visible, on above-average computers, for more than a second, which is not acceptable.

Matt Peel bebe replied 6 months ago

I am experiencing that exact same problem on Squarespace 7.1. I remember squarespace 7.0 used to have this issue, but it was fixed…can we have the same fix for Squarespace 7.1 please. The fix was a simple fade to white for the whole browser window I guess to hide the on page content switch. Simple but effective.

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