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Theodore Kogan asked 4 years ago

I got Multilingualizer working, but unfortunately it keeps adding spaces between languages. This means that when the language of the website is changed from English to, say, French, the text shifts downwards (rather than staying exactly where the English text also is).
This is really frustrating, as it means I cannot properly use¬†Multilingualizer on my site yet. Please help me fix this or I’ll be asking for a refund, as the support I have received has been terrible.

theresa replied 9 months ago

I have this same problem. Did you get an asnwer? Mine only persists if there is a link in the text.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi – please ensure you are using v3.5+ (there was a spacing bug in 3.4) and also please ensure the text block separators are placed on their own full paragraph lines – i.e. don’t hit CTRL+ENTER for a newline, instead just hit ENTER. This creates a full paragraph block for the language separators and is needed to avoid these spacing issues.

Jon replied 4 years ago


I am on 3.5, and the text block separators are indeed on their own full paragraph lines. The problem is still there.

Dave Hilditch replied 4 years ago

Can you provide a link so I can see the problem in action?

Jon replied 4 years ago


Dave Hilditch replied 4 years ago

The reason it’s happening is because you have your opening and closing 4 dot (….) language markers in separate text blocks.

On your site, you have CSS set up to add padding to the top and bottom of the text blocks.

To fix, place the text for your 3 languages into a single Squarespace text block with the 4 dot markers at the beginning and end and your spacing issues will be fixed.

Jon replied 4 years ago


Thank you, it works now. Oddly enough I tried to combine them earlier using a code block but the problem persisted. Works with a unified text block though.

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