The language plug-in doesn't work correctly

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Marina Airas asked 11 months ago

I have questions concerning the websites on squarespace and we have used Multilingualizer. 

  1. The footer on the website gustavwasa.com looks different on every page. On our main page the heading ”Gustav Wasa” on the footer is not showing. We are using the language plug-in made by Multilingulizer. The problme occurs on the Finnish site, i.e. the first language.
  2. The language plug-in disturbes the alignement in the first language Finnish. How do we fix this?
  3. When we edit text, and press enter, the line space looks good while editing. Then when we go to that page to look at it, the paragraph spacing made by pressing enter isn’t showing. Why isn’t pressing enter showing as a new pararaph?
  4. We would like to make one butten, with using language plug-in and link it to different pdf documents with different languages. How can we do this?

I have also pictures, that I can send to you to help understand these questions.
Thank you!

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