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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsThe language selector doesn't show up + 4 other questions
Maud SPIECART asked 2 years ago


I use your multilingualizer plugin for my Zoho website: http://circularx.co/

It works pretty well. However, I have 5 issues that I would like to solve:

1) The language selector doesn't show up. Do you know why?

2) Is there a way to set a default language so that if the user has its browser in a language that is not available, that\'s that default language that is used?

3) Each time I load the page, I see all the translations separated by [....] during a milliseconds. Is there a way to hide that behaviour? I have seen a loading in the code... maybe it\'s for that purpose.

4) Is there a way to have a http://circularx.co/en url so that I can share my website in a forced language?

5) Is there a way to translate zoho form labels?


1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

1) Please see the various approaches to adding language selectors on our install guide

2) Yes, the first language you define is the default

3) See the updated troubleshooting guide with an answer to fix the flash of text – we removed this piece of code because it meant on some themes the screen just stayed white. It works in 99% of themes however, so go to our troubleshooting guide, scroll to the bottom, copy/paste the piece of code.

4) Yes, see our language-specific URL system in the support pages

5) Possibly? Can you edit the form label text inside zoho? If so then use english..swedish format or ….english..swedish…. full format

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