URGENT: Translation stopped on our public website

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Ramón asked 2 years ago

We use 3 languages. All of them are show since today – 29 of January 2018 16:00
Plattform behind ist Squaresopace. It worked yesterday and the day before.
I want you to fix this malfunction. 

Laurent replied 2 years ago

Same issue here, on all our websites! Thanks

2 Answers
Ramón answered 2 years ago

The error comes from the version problem. The short solution here is to change the version number from v=3.91 in your code to v=3.92 – then clear browser cache and it works again.

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – was a temporary 30 minute glitch but those affected who downloaded the JavaScript file in that 30 minute window saw the problem last for longer.
All fixed now.

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