Multilingualizer changes Squarespace banner height of my homepage pages!

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Klaus asked 12 months ago

Hello Dave,
I used Squarespace together with Multilingualizer on the Bedford template. When I insert the Multilingualizer code to enable ML, all banner images of my pages will be changed in height, they will be narrower. On my homepage listed under the given link is the banner 703px without ML and with active ML only 496px high.
So I’ve disabled Multilingualizer at the moment because my site is a public business site, but I’d like to use it.
How can I prevent this?
Here are my example links
with Multilingualizer:
without multilingualizer:
Multilingulizer is only active on this example page, for all other public sites I had to disable it.
I hope for quick help, the ML is unfortunately useless for me.
Thanx for Support

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