Quickview product description not showing on some products in Squarespace e-commerce

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E Nakatani-Brown asked 4 months ago

Hi guys at Multilingualizer,

I searched quickview, sorry if this question has been asked already.

The translation is working great on our site, only issue so far is when you press "quickview" on products in the store the non-translated english shows up as usual but for several of our translated Japanese versions the english shows for a moment and then that turns into just a full stop (.). The descriptions do show up when you actually go to the product page. I’ve double checked that the proper formatting has been done. It would be great if there was a way to fix this.

The website product page is https://www.abeno.co.uk/deliverycollection

Thank you very much.


3 Answers
E Nakatani-Brown answered 3 months ago

Would love a bit of support on this!

Dave Hilditch Staff replied 3 months ago

Answered, sorry about delay.

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 months ago

In the script you’ve injected to your header, you’ll find the following:

var recheckfrequency = 0;

When this is set to zero the Multilingualizer will detect changes to the page in the 99% of cases, but with some themes they implement quick view and similar things in a non-standard way. To fix this, change the var recheckfrequency to a non-zero number. Something like:

var recheckfrequency = 100;

E Nakatani-Brown answered 3 months ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your response.

I’ve done what you’ve said, but it seems like it hasn’t solved the issue. Some of the items in quickview do translate, but the whole thing shakes/vibrates continuously, it looks like maybe it’s to do with it being ‘checked’ over and over again? It’s like the product box is being continuously refreshed.

There are also other products that do not translate at all, and I’m still left with the "." unfortunately. I’ve changed the recheckfrequency back to 0 for now to stop them from shaking so much.

Hopefully there’s a way to get round this.

Thanks again.

E Nakatani-Brown replied 3 months ago

Also the website store url has changed, it’s now https://www.abeno.co.uk/order

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