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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsSQUARESPACE – problem adding a new language (on a site with already 3 languages)
Fabien asked 8 years ago
Hi, Big fan of your service, worked great for our website. I just have a little issue, i need to add a new language to the website, and it messes up with the front end, showing all the languages at once where i started to add the new language. Is there something specific to do here? Thanks for your help, it's quite urgent... Best, Fabien
Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

There is a bug currently with 4 languages – a fix is coming today. This also fixes the bug with 5+ languages.

Fabien replied 8 years ago

Hey Dave, thanks for the quick answer. Cool i’ll wait till tomorrow to add my new language. Cheers

Fabien replied 8 years ago

Hey Dave, Is the bug fixed? Thanks, Fab

Dave Hilditch replied 8 years ago

Hi Fab – the primary bug is fixed, but a secondary bug has appeared – it is now working perfectly with 4 and 5 languages but if you are increasing the number of languages then please wait a little longer as there is a new bug when some of your pages have 3 languages on them and some have 4 languages – this needs to be fixed before I can put the code into core as it’s a key piece of functionality.

Fabien replied 8 years ago

Ok, let me know when it works (quite in a hurry but no pressure 😉 Thanks Fab

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi – this has been fixed properly now. If you log into /my-account/ and apply the latest code to your site you\’ll find it fixes all your extra language issues

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