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Before submitting a question, please check our troubleshooting guide as it covers 95+% of scenarios and you may be asking a question that is already answered there. We have a small support team, so if you can help us by checking the troubleshooting guide first we will greatly appreciate it.

Submitting a question

If you have checked our troubleshooting guide, and the answer is not there, someone else may already have asked the question. Use the big search box below to search and check. If the question is not in our troubleshooting section and not yet covered by this Q&A, then submit a question using the guidelines below.

When submitting a question, to make it quicker and easier for us to solve your problem please include the following:

  1. A link to a page where the problem can be seen
  2. The specific text(s) in both languages I should be searching for on the page where the problem (e.g. something not translating) is happening
  3. Screenshots with highlights are great too!

You’ll find the ‘Ask a question’ button at the bottom of this page.

Shopify setup
ResolvedDave Hilditch answered 6 years agoDimitrije asked 6 years ago • 
1013 views1 answers1 votes
Disable language auto-detection
Resolved answered 6 years agoEino asked 6 years ago • 
971 views1 answers0 votes
Multilingualizer v3.5 extremely slow on mobile devices
Resolved answered 6 years agoFelix asked 6 years ago • 
825 views1 answers0 votes
both languages always shown in default language,
Resolved answered 6 years agoBram asked 6 years ago • 
1118 views3 answers1 votes
images and galleries
Resolvedinfo7 answered 6 years agomuriel asked 6 years ago
1430 views2 answers1 votes
Spacing problem with hyperlinks
ResolvedVincent asked 6 years agoVincent asked 6 years ago • 
748 views0 answers0 votes
Site is super slow since a few days
Resolved answered 6 years agoDelphine asked 6 years ago • 
1302 views5 answers0 votes
Page Lag
Resolved answered 6 years agoNancy asked 6 years ago • 
1176 views2 answers0 votes
Site is still lagging after fix
Resolved answered 6 years agoDelphine asked 6 years ago
816 views3 answers0 votes
Menus keep showing undefined
Resolved answered 6 years agoNuno asked 6 years ago • 
1272 views3 answers0 votes
How to set by default VN language for website
Resolved answered 6 years agoDaniel asked 6 years ago
1649 views4 answers0 votes
Slow down during loading of webpage and sometime unable to load.
Resolved answered 6 years agoKen asked 6 years ago • 
974 views1 answers0 votes
Country/language Detection
ResolvedDave Hilditch answered 6 years agoLeah asked 6 years ago
1639 views1 answers0 votes
Translation Squarespace Summary Read more
Resolved answered 6 years agoinfo7 asked 6 years ago
1214 views1 answers0 votes
Body Text Doesn't Appear to Work
Resolved answered 6 years agoHusayn asked 6 years ago • 
1088 views3 answers4 votes
Lightbox Form
Resolved answered 6 years agoSantiago asked 6 years ago • 
937 views2 answers0 votes
Unwanted space in translations
Resolved answered 6 years agoDelphine asked 6 years ago • 
1003 views2 answers0 votes
Plugin not working in shopify
Resolved answered 6 years agoDaniel asked 6 years ago • 
1219 views3 answers0 votes
Hard-coded Text Library
ResolvedDave Hilditch answered 6 years agoBenjamin asked 6 years ago • 
1011 views1 answers0 votes
Language Selector place
ResolvedDave Hilditch answered 6 years agoAnne asked 6 years ago • 
1034 views1 answers0 votes

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